our mission

To facilitate and manage the transition of businesses utilizing our skills and expertise to produce win/win business transactions where both sides feel they were respected and achieved an equitable deal.

why use spartan


SPARTAN will NOT advertise your business on the internet as selling a business is not to be viewed as a real estate transaction. We believe selling a business is a process and we target strategic buyers who are more likely to give you the maximum value for your business.

Chartered business valuator – CBV

SPARTAN utilizes a Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) who is specifically trained to value your business. A CBV provides an independent valuation that is based on industry norms as well as a wealth of experience so that you are sure that your business is valued fairly.


SPARTAN has a large network of potential purchasers and our Business Transition Specialists have been involved in some of the larger business acquisitions that have been completed with medium-sized business entities in Saskatchewan. 

SPARTAN also has a large Indigenous network that is looking to purchase quality companies.


SPARTAN has a financing network of banks, venture capital companies, private investment firms, Indigenous investment entities, and cash-flow lenders to assist in financing business acquisitions. 

SPARTAN has experience in creatively structuring acquisitions using a variety of financing options as well as vendor financing, earn outs, and vendor participation.


SPARTAN’s Business Transition Specialists have over 25 years of combined experience in putting together business transactions and have used that experience to develop the SPARTAN Selling Process and the SPARTAN Buying Process. 

SPARTAN’s Business Transition Specialists have been investors in companies that have bought and sold businesses, been involved in management buyouts, succession planning, and divestitures, so we know the process from both a buyer and a seller’s point of view.

our values

  • Respect for all people whether they are our clients, people we are negotiating with, our employees, our business partners or any people we encounter.
  • Treating all people fairly and working towards win/win solutions.
  • Honouring our word and delivering on our promises.
  • A requirement for profitability for both buyers and sellers.
  • Operating with integrity, ethics, and honesty.
  • Protecting the confidentiality of all parties involved.


Barrie Bergsma

Business Transition Specialist

Barrie was with Rosten Bergsma Business Solutions for over 14 years (9 years as partner). At Rosten Bergsma, Barrie developed a knack for finding businesses for sale and for closing deals. Rosten Bergsma has played a part in the following successes:

  • Sale of 51% of a local airline to First Nation corporations.
  • Sale of an electrical contractor.
  • Sale of a well servicing business.
  • Employee buyout of a truck and trailer servicing business.
  • Employee buyout of a sign business. 
  • Employee buyout of an architectural firm.
  • Amalgamation of two sign companies.
  • Assisting a company in purchasing four hotel operations.
In addition to the above, Barrie has completed business plans for many start-up operations and not-for-profit organizations.

AJ Felix

Business Transition Specialist

AJ has substantial C-level experience in medium-sized businesses. He has led corporate reorganizations, strategic acquisitions, dispositions of divisions, and amalgamations of businesses. He has established relationships with many financial institutions, private investment firms, and Indigenous investment entities. AJ has been involved in the following:
  • Succession Plan of an Indigenous insurance company resulting in a successful business combination with a competitor.
  • Acquisition of 70% of a printing business by an Indigenous community.
  • Reorganized a business to allow for the successful sale of the business to multiple employee groups.
  • Transitioning a start-up entity from an owner managed firm to a professionally managed business, which subsequently completed a very successful IPO.
  • Amalgamation of two building supply companies.
  • Negotiated the disposition of a building supply company.
In addition to the above, AJ has completed many strategic plans and business plans for business organizations in a variety of industries, including Indigenous communities

Bob Anderson

Business Transition Specialist

Bob is well known in Saskatchewan’s business community having spent 22 years as Provincial Regional Manager with Shaw Communications. This position required bottom line responsibility and senior level presence in ten provincial cable systems in larger centres, including Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, Swift Current and Assiniboia. Bob also served as a director on the National Cable TV Association board. Bob’s formal education includes Business and Humanities studies at McMaster University. He has personally purchased, operated, and sold several businesses in Saskatoon, and understands the issues facing business owners during a purchase or sale of a business. Over the last 30+ years, Bob has chosen to give of his personal time in leadership roles with the following non-profit Saskatoon organizations:
  • United Way – VP fundraising
  • Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce
  • St.Volodymyr Villa Seniors Residence – Finance Director
  • Rotary Club of Saskatoon North-President
  • Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre
  • Canadian Tire Golf Tournament in aid of the Saskatoon Food Bank – Chairman and Founder